Spits, finger Islands, dot islands, points, promontories, bays and bars, its got the lot and I challenge anyone walking round it for the first time not to get lost, and not to be impressed!  Everything a specimen angler could wish for! Tench have been banked to 11+ There are very large carp present, the lake record stands at 46+ (the brown fish) with approx 2 maybe 3 other 40’s and The famous Black Linear. And I know the angling world is full of myths and rumours, but... there are two fish, well... Lets just say, they’re large! A stunning lake, with an ongoing stocking programme with over 300 carp stocked in the last 5 years, the largest of which are now over 30lb.  Many ‘stockies’ were caught during the 2013 season, fish to 29+. More carp will be stocked each winter.  Please note meadow and fjords are joined making the location of the big girls even more challenging!


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