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Welcome to the famous St Ives Lakes, a slice of angling heaven set in rural Cambridgeshire.


The picturesque nine-lake complex offers everything the modern carp and specimen angler could ever want. At the centre of the rich portfolio of large and unspoilt waters is the legendary St Ives Lagoon, a venue steeped in angling history which is home to stunning original big carp to the upper 40lb bracket, including a few very elusive up and coming fish which have barely seen the bank. A hundred carp were introduced three years ago, the largest of which so far during the early part of the 2014 season has made nearly 19lbs!  But it's not all big carp on the agenda - the Lagoon is also home to huge tench and a shoal of monster bream, with fish to 19lb banked in 2012, and so far this season, fish to over 15lb, as well as good numbers of pike approaching 30lb. 


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Bungle, Meadow 18-03.jpg
Zippy, Meadow 20-14.jpg
Paddle, Meadow 21-14a.jpg
Meadow, 26-12.jpg
Meadow 29-07.jpg
Meadow 28-04.jpg
Meadow 23-2.jpg
Meadow 20-02.jpg
31+ Common - Shallow
M-Fish Tricor 34-01.jpg
20+ - Fjords
Little Rosie Meadow 21.jpg
Lagoon, Fully 21.jpg
Patch Common @ 25+ - Meadow
40-07 Big Common - Lagoon
The Brown fish @ 43+ - Meadow
Colin @ 48+ - Shallow
The Brown fish @ 43+ -  meadow
Big Head @ 42+  - Shallow
Big Head @ 42+  - Shallow
3D fish @ 23+ - Fjords
31+ - Shallow
20+ - Fjords
20+ - Fjords
Single scale  Meadow 24-06.jpg
20+ - Meadow
20+ - Meadow
Floppy Tailed Lin, Meadow 20-7.jpg

Latest News

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The autumn period at St Ives produced a huge amount of big carp for a few lucky anglers, in fact, in the history of the fishery, it has never produced so many quality fish over one month.  September and early October saw 4 different 40's banked from 3 different Lakes. the biggest being Colin at 49+ caught by Nigel Sealey only a week after Myles Gibson closed his shallow pit account with the same beast at 48+.  Colin then went on to do the expected by finally being banked at over 50!!  The lucky angler was Chris Mitchell.  I was lucky enough to witness the capture and do the photos.. The weight was 50-04.  St Ives produces another 50lb fish.  Testament to stock density, and natural food.  The Lagoon produced its FIRST EVER 40lb common when the Big Common was caught for the second time this year, by Leon Stern at an impressive 40-07! Liam Duncan finally caught up with the Round Brown at 43+, this was part of a fantastic haul of carp, seeing stockies to 26 landed, 'Tails' at a new high of 31-12 and the brown during two weekend sessions... Mark 'Boots' Johnson has continued to amaze with an 8 fish catch from shallow with half  of them being over 30lb.  Following his fantastic autumn Boots then went on to his old stamping ground, meadow.  After a few weeks baiting, he then went on to catch over 40 20’s in the following month, the biggest going 29+. Incredible angling!  Have a look on the meadow Gallery for the Mark Johnson show!


Winter tickets are still on sale. There has only been a few pikers about and the going has been tough, but theres been the odd 20 out and quite a few doubles.  For details of tickets and prices please use the LINK


The good ship Waterland had its first day on the river with Pete Ward and Dan Cowell in attendance. The day dawned sunny and warm, with the recent rains not effecting the river at all. Perfect conditions saw Pete and Dan landing 8 pike from two different rivers, topped off by a personal best 18-02 pike to Pete and a very large headed 22-04 beast for Dan to round off the perfect day!  The predator action continued when all round angling jet setter and big game angler Phil Riley came down for a big zander, However all we could manage for him was a bumper big pike catch with a 19 and 24 topping off a great day.. Phil will be back before the end of the river season, we’ll see if we cant manage a giant zander then!!


Details of the WATERLAND guiding service can be found by clicking THIS LINK


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