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Ticket Prices

There are a series of different tickets and prices available, dawn til dusk season tickets are available from St Ives Tackle or by prior arrangement from myself.  


Carp and pike fishing tuition is also available on site, The carping is priced to include a 24 hr session, all aspects/rigs/tricks and methods are covered. Additionally pike fishing tuition is available from November 1st, and I guarantee you will learn something, whether carping or piking, and it will be time and money well spent, please call for further details and prices.

Syndicate Tickets - April-April


£500 - Full ticket, includes Shallow

£400 - All lakes except Shallow (Lagoon, Andersons, Ivo, Lowries, Meadow, Fjords, Tri-Cor, Long Reach)

£120 - Day Only Tickets, Dawn Til Dusk Only (No fishing on shallow)

Winter Tickets - Nov 1st-April


£250 - Full ticket, includes Shallow (check for availability)

£200 - All lakes except Shallow


Winter Day Only Tickets - £60 - Available from St Ives Tackle

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